Instrumentals will take place in the Hampshire Room of the Freemasons' Hall.

We do our best to schedule as many of the youth classes as possible after school hours, or on  the weekend. We can't always manage this, but please don't forget to mention on your entry form if you have any timing issues.


This year, our adjudicator is  Andrew Sherwood

Have a browse through the syllabus and once you have decided which classes to enter click on the HOW TO ENTER tab above


"OWN CHOICE" forms are required by all musicians and one should be filled in for each separate class you are entering. It should be attached to a copy of your music and handed in to our Competitors' Table on arrival for your class.



In the syllabus, a number of advanced classes are marked with "R". These classes will all take place on the afternoon of Sunday 3rd October in front of a panel of judges. Whilst these classes are open to all competitors, those aged 18 and under will be eligible to win the

BSO Instrumental Prize. In addition, one competitor aged 18 or under (who may be the same person) will be nominated to go forward to the next round of the Rotary Young Musician competition.

The winner of the BSO Instrumental Prize will receive

A cheque for £250 funded by the Doreen Merrifield Bursary on behalf of the Festival.


A day with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

6 pairs of tickets to this season’s BSO concerts

A certificate to denote their achievement.


The Teacher’s Trophy will be presented to the teacher of the winning performer, along with a certificate.


The runner-up will receive

A cheque for £100 funded by the Doreen Merrifield Bursary and a certificate


No competitor can win this class more than once.