2020 was such a sad year for us all. Fortunately 2022 will be an All England Regional Finals year, so our festival in 2021 will be a qualifying event - all being well.


We'll be back in Wimborne again. The facilities and staff at the QE school suited us very nicely except for the wretched traffic on the A31, but there's not a lot we can do about that!

Your adjudicator for 2021 is Carrie Ellis

We have produced a syllabus which shows not only all the classes, but the dates and session times when these classes will take place.

Sessions are A:- before lunch, B:- after lunch and C:- after tea.

Obviously, if we are overrun with entries for one class or another, we may need to shuffle a class from one session to another, but the date should remain O.K. We are aware that there will also be events in Weymouth, Gosport and Sussex, so the idea is to give you the best chance to prioritise your week.


And to those of you who have trophies. Please feel free to get them engraved. Keep them shiny and get them back to us at 15, Springfield Avenue, Southbourne, BH6 4EB by 1st September.

Remember:- It's your festival. All we do is arrange it for you.



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