Such a shame for all of you who missed out on the 2020 festival. However, 2021 will be better than ever and we have made a number of changes to the timings of the championship classes, so please have a careful look at them. At your suggestion, we have extended the time to allow for introductions and scene changes where appropriate.

All Speech and Drama classes will be in the Christie Room in the Freemasons' Hall, except for any large groups, where we will move into the huge Hampshire Room


A usual, we will do our best to schedule as many of the youth classes after school hours. We can't always manage this, but please don't forget to mention on your entry form if you have any timing issues.


Your adjudicator this year is Jenny Thornton


Have a browse through the syllabus and once you have decided which classes to enter click on the HOW TO ENTER tab above

We have changed many of the youth classes to comply with Key Stage ranges, rather than actual age. Anyone beyond Key Stage 4 is regarded as an adult, and don't forget that the 'Speech' can be read, rather than learnt by heart. This is to encourage diction, pronunciation and presentation, rather than just 'learning' skills.


For those not wishing to enter the championship classes, we still offer a significant range of classes for you to choose from. Anyone entering any of the championship classes may also perform any of their pieces in any of the non-championship classes (including the adjudicator’s choice) for their respective age group.


Competitors may enter either or both championships for their respective key stage/age group.


All drama pieces should set out to show the competitor’s versatility and should be performed from memory. Whilst this is not compulsory, the adjudicator may choose to take this into account.


You should briefly introduce each piece in turn. Timing starts at your first introduction and finishes when you have completed the final piece.